🔢Quick start

Frontitude's Developer CLI can be installed and tested on our Starter plan, which is completely free!

Step 1: Import content to Frontitude

First, we need to have content in Frontitude in order to fetch it. This can be done in different ways:

Step 2: Install the Developer CLI

Install the Developer CLI globally via NPM or Yarn:

npm install -g @frontitude/cli

Step 3: Get access to Frontitude

To get access to the content stored in Frontitude, you can choose between these options:

with your browser

To initiate the authentication process:

$ frontitude login

Once sign-in has completed, you'll have access to fetch content from your workspace.

If you're doing this as part of a team, make sure that you're connected to the right workspace by getting invited to your team's workspace.

Use access token

Create an access token to use it in the next step. This is more flexible since it allows you to use the Developer CLI on remote systems such as CI/CD pipelines or any kind of Bash scripts.

Step 4: Initialize the Developer CLI

To initialize the CLI, run the next command and follow the instructions:

$ frontitude init

Step 4: Pull content from Frontitude

To pull the latest content from your connected sources:

$ frontitude pull

This will fetch all of your content from the library/project into your codebase. To learn about the additional options of this command, please refer to this section.

That's it!

Now that you have closed a circle, you can learn about the advanced options that are included in this documentation center. Happy coding!

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