To connect the CLI with your Frontitude account, you will need to provide a valid authentication.

Choose one of the next options according to your use case:

  1. Personal access token (OAuth 2.0 authentication using Google/Microsoft Azure/SAML SSO) - Use this option when you want to try the CLI or pull copy changes manually.

  2. Workspace-level access token - Use this option when you want to use the CLI in your CI/CD pipeline.

Workspace-level access token

If you don't have access to your team's Frontitude workspace, you can ask one of your teammates to generate the access token and send it to you. Make sure they send it over secure channels!

Create your workspace-level access token from your account settings, under the Developer CLI integration. Once created, continue to run the next commands in the CLI.

To set your workspace-level access token in the CLI:

$ frontitude config set access-token <your-token>

To remove your workspace-level access token:

$ frontitude config del access-token

Personal access token (browser sign-in)

When using this option, make sure that you were invited to your team's Frontitude workspace. Otherwise you won't have access to the team's content.

Frontitude CLI supports OAuth 2.0 authentication (using Google/Microsoft Azure/SAML SSO) via your default browser to automatically generate your personal access token.

To initiate the authentication process:

$ frontitude login

To remove your generated personal access token:

$ frontitude logout

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